How To Generate your Daily Bitcoin Income

First of all What is Passive Income ?


If you practice a conventional profession, you will only receive salary if you work regularly. If you spontaneously decide not to go to work for a few weeks, you will not receive any money, neither from your boss, nor will the tasks be done by yourself in a self-employed activity. So you sell a part of your time for money and are thus in a hamster wheel. Because you can make a lot of money that way – for example, as a manager in large companies – but as soon as you stop the activity, your income runs dry at the same time.

Therefore, it is advisable for every person to look for income that will continue to flow even if you are not working. An income that does not reach you for eight hours, but 24 hours a day, including sleeping at night, during a holiday trip or in the evening socializing with friends. This is indeed possible with passive income.

The benefit is that you can also build a passive income alongside your main job. In principle, it only takes a few hours extra work per week, but in this case it takes a little longer than when you start with full power. Either increase your monthly total salary payments or once the income stream is large enough, you can consider reducing your main job.

However, passive income streams do not mean “do nothing” to earn money. Do not make a lot of money fast. On the contrary, especially at the beginning, you have to work extra hard and long to develop and expand sources of passive income. However, unlike in an employment relationship where you ultimately work for your top bosses or investors, this form of hard work is solely for you! You alone will eventually reap the full fruits due to this activity.

With active work, the income is limited in the standard case, even when selling successfully. Permanently working more than 10 or 11 hours a day does not last long. In the worst case, the long-term burden on one’s own health damages.

On the one hand, the passive income can be increased almost arbitrarily (scalable), on the other hand, you can – after completing a project with a permanent flow of money – concentrate on other activities. These can be either more business activities or more family leisure time activities.

Once a passive income stream has been set in motion, only comparatively little work is needed to ensure that it continues in the right direction.

Here is one source for Passive Income

It´s called KuCoinShares and is only traded on the exchange KuCoin.KuCoin Shares (symbol KCS) pays daily bonuses to its investors. Right now, the amount is  (~$0.95 USD per day for every $4600 you invest), but, as I’ll outline below, it’s possible this could grow exponentially throughout 2018. is a cryptocurrency exchange that specializes in many unique low-market cap altcoins, as well as the tried-and-true giants. With over 70 coins to trade, it’s similar to its fellow Hong Kong-based mega exchange Binance, except Kucoin is much newer, and carving its niche with some unique offerings.

For one, it lists respected-yet-underground coins like DragonChain, Oyester Protocol and Bounty0x, which have yet to make it to the major exchanges. Secondly, it has some of the lowest trading and withdrawal fees.

Thirdly, and more to the point of this post, it offers dividends to users who hold their native trading token: KuCoin Shares (symbol KCS). Everyday, Kucoin distributes 50% of trading fees to KCS hodlers — known as the KuCoin Bonus. What’s more, you don’t just receive it as KCS tokens; you receive it in the form of each coin that was traded that day. In other words, you’ll get small amounts of 80+ coins every day, including whatever new coins are added down the line.

Kucoin pays fractions of each of these coins to all KCS holders daily.

KuCoin (KCS) Estimate Earnings

Right now, holding 1 KCS earns you approximately $0.009 USD per day, or $3.285/year.

Admittedly, this isn’t a whole but considering KCS just costs ~$4.60/piece. However, this payout is likely to increase throughout 2018 for 2 key reasons:

The more people use KuCoin, the more trading fees are collected, and thus the size of payouts will increase.
Because your dividends are paid in the form of 80+altcoins (and growing), you’re likely to see tremendous gain in value, with some potentially skyrocketing throughout 2018.
Below are a few estimates adjusted for these factors. I’m no math whiz, and had to keep my formulas simple , but use these to make some rough estimates how much you could earn:

High Estimate: $30 in dividends per KCS

Let’s say KuCoin grows wonderfully over the next year and ends with a $5b daily volume, close to where Binance was. We could estimate your annual payout would be closer to $10 per KCS.

Now lets factor in your bags appreciating over the year, with a lot more new coins being added, and some taking off with exponential growth, and others growing modestly. While its extremely hard to calculate this with anything other than a gut estimate, I’m going to multiply the dividend by 3.

0.95 x 13 (growth of KuCoin trading volume) x 3 (growth of coins) = $37.05

If you bought 100 KCS, that could mean a dividend of $3705, plus whatever gains you get from KCS tokens themselves increasing.

Modest Estimate: $7.6 in dividends per KCS

Now lets say KuCoin experiences more modest growth, only growing to $1b by the end of the year. Furthermore, the bear market winds up being nastier than expected, and your bags grow at a lower rate.

0.95 x 4 (growth of KuCoin trading volume) x 2 (growth of coins) = $7.6

This doesn’t even include the value of KCS tokens themselves rising, which is very likely in a scenario where KuCoin is quadrupling in popularity.

Low Estimate: $0 per KCS

This is mostly just a disclaimer, but its always possible an investment like this could bust. Cryptocurrency exchanges have shut down in the past (It happened to Mt Gox in 2014, and more recently to Bitconnect).

There’s also some concern about KuCoin being registered in China, which has been particularly ominous about the legality of exchanges lately. Binance, by comparison, recently moved overseas.

Finally, KuCoin could simply stop honoring the KCS bonus. It’s not required to by any means, although shutting down the dividend would be their PR suicide.

Still I wouldn’t leave a major sum in KuCoin — or any exchange for that matter — without keeping an active eye on the market and crypto-news. But that’s simply the nature this world. You don’t get too comfy with any hold, and you only invest what you can afford to use. I personally wouldn’t consider KuCoin too much riskier than any other exchange at this point.


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